My Mobile Money Code Review: What I Discoved Within the Program


Mobile Money Code Review: My Thoughts on the System

Product: Mobile Money Code
Creator: Greg Anderson
Concept: A easy way to legitimately make money online
Start-Up Cost: $49.00

Rating: Rating: ★★★★½


Note: This is not the Mobile Money Code website, just a personal review of the software.  To be taken directly to the Mobile Money Code website, click here.

If you’re reading this page, you’re obviously familiar already with Mobile Money Code and most likely are wondering if it is actually worth pursuing and how it ranks against other online money making programs. So, I’m gonna skip the fluff and get straight to what I think are the most important points to consider when looking at Mobile Money Code.


What Does Mobile Money Code Promise?

Mobile Money Code was designed as a program for anyone to be able to make money online. It will teach you how to reach more customers using mobile marketing. There are millions of mobile users worldwide now Mobile Money Code can get your business in the front of them for a very small start-up cost. With this program you gain access to step-by-step training videos and cutting edge mobile marketing strategies as well as many tools including free websites, QR code generator, backlinks and more to help you become successful with your venture. All of this comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so you can get started without worry.


What did I find? 

I discovered that Mobile Money Code is another product that can easily help you make money online, with many tools that are sure to help you succeed. It has a very low start-up cost but is likely to make a decent amount of money for anyone who puts in the effort with it. It includes everything you need to get started and tons of bonus material to make sure you have everything you need to be successful.

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Is the Creator of Mobile Money Code Credible?

One of the hardest things about finding legit programs for making money online, is knowing if you can trust its designer or not. There isn’t a ton of information on Greg Anderson that I was able to discover, which is actually not a bad thing. If his reputation was that of a con-artist or scammer, you would find tons of information saying so. He has been at this game for a long time and has been very successful with it. Given the fact that there is a 60 day money back guarantee and payments can be made through paypal, there really is nothing to lose putting your trust in Greg Andersons’ product.

How Does Mobile Money Code Compare to Other Online Programs?

There are literally thousands of different ways someone can make money online and picking the right product or venue can really be an overwhelming adventure. Mobile Money Code is a newer product but has had great reviews so far. Many people have legitimately made thousands of dollars using the program. The platform it is based on is very simple to use and even the most basic computer person can use it successfully. Other programs want you to spend a ton of money to get going and then you still have to pay for websites, domains, programs, software or other add-ons. Mobile Money Code has all of that included and more in one very low price so there is no additional money needed to get started. You get every piece of information you need without spending more money.


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Main Points I liked About Mobile Money Code:

- It is a simple program with step by step information to get you making money quickly.

- EVERYTHING is included. From QR scanners to free websites and even mobile site generators, backlinks and even a program to help you rank your site, they have everything you would need to get started and be successful.

- There is free online training to help you get started plus a 24/7 helpline to assist you should questions arise.

- There are videos for every single step of the program. It’s as easy as just click and play to get the information you need.

- Moneyback Guarantee – I always appreciate a product with a moneyback guarantee, and Mobile Money Code comes with a money-back 60 day guarantee.  So there’s no worry that you’ll be wasting your money if it isn’t the product for you.

Main Points I Did NOT Like About Mobile Money Code:

- It’s still up to you to market your product. Mobile Money Code is just a platform to get you started and set up.

- The sales video appears to be full of paid actors. I like to see a sales pitch using true investors of the program and their reviews of how it worked for them. Unfortunately this seems to be a big theme with these types of product sales nowadays.

- Everything is done by video in the member’s area with no long texts to read. While this may be a pro for some, I find it annoying. You get to watch a ton of videos of the same person rambling on about how great everything is. Yes it’s nice for it to be so detailed out, but I personally am not a fan of listening to people talk about the product. I would much rather read about what I need to do because it’s easier to reference it if I have a question.

The Bottom-Line on Mobile Money Code:

At the end of the day, Greg Andersons Mobile Money Code is a product that can produce some great income with minimal knowledge. If you are looking for a way to make some extra cash, it can definitely be a great option but you will have to put in the effort for it to be successful. Plus with the money back guarantee, there really is nothing to lose in giving it a try!

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Let’s Make Money with the Help of Mobile Money Code

mobile-moneyAre you looking for opportunities to earn passive income online? After doing a lot of hard work throughout your life, do you wish to indulge in a type of work that doesn’t require you to work 12-14 hours a day? Did you think your mobile phone, turned smartphone can help you make good amount of money with just little efforts? Yes, its true! The trend of mobile marketing is increasing at a rapid speed, creating numerous opportunities for you to earn through your mobile. In this post, we’ll explore the scope of movie money making programs and talk about Mobile Money Code system that has recently emerged out as one of the best money making program in the industry.


Mobile Marketing – Cash Out The Benefits From Emerging Trend


It can be clearly seen that a large number of companies have already added another branch in their marketing and promotion strategies. This branch leads to Mobile Internet Marketing. Since over 200 million users worldwide prefer using their mobile phone for surfing the web, chat on social sites and post updates, mobile marketing became of the latest platform for marketers to promote their products. Most of them even provide enticing opportunities to users for viewing and sharing their advertisements with their social circle. This not only helps the companies increase sales conversion rates, but users can also benefit in a number of ways.
Ever since the evolution of smartphones, mobile phones have become more significant than just being a device used for talking and texting. Today, you can access internet on your very own handy device and surf anything and everything you want with just a few clicks. For most people, it is like their pocket-friend who has the answer for all their doubts, queries and boredom. Besides that your smartphone can also help you earn some good income, if you follow the right tips and choose right programs.
Marketers and advertising companies have already started using mobile marketing techniques to entice customers and increase conversion rates. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer and looking forward to sell your services online, then mobile marketing can be a good way to begin with. With least efforts, you’ll be able to create a good platform for passive income.
Combining Smartphone And Mobile Marketing To Make Money?
Mobile marketing is the next big thing in the advertising industry, and thus the opportunities are also going to get much bigger and better. Mobile marketing is here to stay and it is evident from Google’s contribution of $700 million dollars on the development of new mobile advertising platform. Given that, there are number of applications and programs that are specifically designed to target mobile users and increase their opportunities to earn some extra income.
The main purpose of mobile money systems is to teach effective techniques that can help you make money through smartphone. It doesn’t even require you to make any kind of initial investment and within few days you’ll see dollars pouring in your bank account. If you have a latest and updated smartphone, you can find yourself eligible to work with
many programs aimed at mobile marketing.


If you’re in search of a particular mobile money making platform, then Mobile Money Code can be a good product to consider. The system is designed by Greg Anderson with a view to teach people about the basics of mobile marketing, while helping them climb the ladder step by step. It is considered to be one of the best ways to make passive income through smartphone.

How to make mobile websites

images (10)Convert a Desktop Website to a Mobile Website

There are platforms that adapt your website’s desktop version to mobile devices. They work on the basis of reducing the quantity and quality of images and creating an appropriate, innate and effective menu.

The most notable advantage of using this solution is that it becomes relatively easy and fast to access your website on a mobile device. It is less costly as well since there are platforms that offer this service for free in exchange of advertising and copyright of the webpage.

Online Website Builder

This is perhaps the simplest, affordable, fast and high quality solution to building mobile websites. With a cloud based website builder, you can design your own mobile website by selecting a layout for a wider variety of templates and adapt it to fit the needs of your business strategies.

Not only can you create your mobile website in a matter of minutes but you can always alter its content using the website’s builder. You don’t have to worry about hosting services as these platforms offer them from which you can buy domains and manage the redirection which depends on the device you access the website.

Depending on the platform you choose, there are free and professional plans. Professional plans are relatively cheap and come with annual contracts.

Another advantage of using a website builder is the speed at which mobile websites are set up, the simplicity and the ability of updating a website without having to hire a professional. Hosting and support services are other major benefits that come with this solution but this depends on the plan you choose.

The only drawback with the online website builder is the lack of a predefined layout, but this is addressed by giving the user total freedom to customize the template of choice.

Now that you have your mobile website in place, how do you make money from it? Below is a brief look at how to monetize mobile websites


More and more people are buying from mobile devices nowadays, a shift from the old way where customers where buying goods and services from desktop versions of websites. This trend is poised to continue given the fact that the number of smartphone users is on the increase. You can’t ignore mobile shopping if you’re serious about making money from your mobile website.


Have exclusive coupons for mobile users; they are an incredible way of driving them to your physical store. Coupons serve as a way of connecting with your potential customers through digital means.

SMS Marketing and Landing Pages

Create and SMS campaign coupled with an attractive landing page to attract clients, launch new products and promotions as well as communicate special offers.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising can generate traffic to your website through use of paid-for ads on other websites or keyword on search engines. You can also use it to charge other users who place their ads on your mobile website.

Mobile websites are the future of online marketing and you can only ignore them at your own peril. With the knowledge of how to set up a mobile website and how to make money out of it, your quest to get into the world of making money online will certainly start on the right footing.

Why Mobile Money Code?

072310-AmazonBillion-SmartphoneMoneyExplosion_jpg_280x280_crop_q95So how exactly does Mobile Money Code work? How it is different from other available internet programs? If such questions have just popped in your mind, then read on to understand how Mobile Money Code can help you earn good in no time.

Mobile Money Code is a new product in the market that displays some of the amazing evaluations so far. With this system you get to create countless dollars and thus, it is important to understand each aspect of its working. The platform is extremely easy to understand and follow. The best part is that with just a day of online training, you’ll be able to earn a great deal of money.

Think about this! When you decide to sell affiliate products and services, what are the things that you need to spend on? They are domain name, tools, plug-ins, etc. With Mobile Money Code you get all these things in a single package, which makes it an extremely affordable investment of the history in terms of business and income.

Mobile Money Code is a new marketing system that primarily aims at teaching tips and techniques of mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, and promoting yours, as well as other people’s products. With right usage of this system, you can create a considerable amount of money with least efforts. This system is designed to targets a new wave of e-commerce industry, where billions of users have access to internet and advanced tools on their mobile phone itself.

The Mobile Money Code system is subsequently a great product for both beginners and seasoned marketers. Irrespective of your experience, this comprehensive system by Greg Anderson can help you make passive income from your very own smartphone. Let’s take a look at some major highlights of Greg Anderson’s Mobile Money Code:

1. Zero technical skills

2. Easily master by anyone

3. No installation required

4. A complete web-based software

5. Easy to access and use

6. FREE 50 ready-made mobile sites

7. Get six bonus Live training

8. Get latest tutorials on working with social media and making strategies to sell products and services on Pinterest.

Mobile Money Code is especially intended to change the way clients ponder making benefits on the web. After a good day, Greg Andersons Mobile Money Code is an item that can make numerous earning opportunities through minimal knowledge. In case you’re searching for an option to earn some good money, it is always an amazing option to devote yourself into a system that ensures prosperity. In addition to this, the money back guarantee is something that you can look forward to if you still have trust issues with the efficiency and results of the system.

Mobile Money Code – Make Money From Your Phone

mobile-walletSo you have a smartphone and you’re looking for ways to make money from your phone. Perhaps there are many smartphone apps and programs that can help you put your phone at work, and earn money for you. So what are your options to make money from your phone? Is it that easy to make money from your phone? Is there any investment involved? Before we discuss them, let’s take a look at some basics on which these mobile money making systems and programs are based.

Rising Trend of Mobile Marketing

So why more and more companies are diverting their ways to mobile marketing? There is a very simple question to answer. Apparently, there are over 5 billion mobile phone users around the world. More and more people are choosing to go with smartphones due to ease of accessibility and plenty of entertaining functions. Once only purchased by business owners and managers, smartphones have really come a long way. From a school going kid to an elderly adult, everyone has the access to portable technology all the time.

Even since the introduction of smartphone, the definition of mobile phones has changed. Mobile phones, today are not only used to make voice calls and sent messages. They are used to access internet, multimedia files, store data, and sync accounts. It is like a pocket friendly device that you can do to perform all your day to day tasks by allowing you to access the world of the web!

Given that, the marketers and advertising agencies have directed their way to mobile marketing, giving ad viewers a lot of opportunities to make money. Making money with mobile marketing is one of the best ways to put your phone to use. Since business owners are making efforts to capture and dominate mobile marketing, users are getting immense benefit from extensively rising trend of this form of marketing.

How It Is Certain that Combination of Smartphone And Mobile Marketing Will Make You Earn Money?

Mobile marketing is going to become a bigger market in the near future and products designed to help you make money from your phone are also going to get bigger and better. To put it simply, mobile is going nowhere and Google has already spent over $700 million dollars on developing a new mobile advertising platform. There are 5 more time as many people using internet on phone and more than 150 million people log-in on Facebook everyday from their smartphones only. This is the reason it can be made certain that the number of applications and programs for making money from your phone are going to rise at a rapid speed, giving you ample of mobile money making opportunities.

Actually, the main focus of mobile money systems is to teach you tips and techniques to make money from mobile marketing. The best part is that you need not have to make any kind of initial investment to be able to sign up for such money making programs. All you need to have an updated smartphone and you’re all set to make dollars pouring in your bank account in not time.

Mobile Money Code is one such product designed by Greg Anderson to teach mobile marketing in a easy to follow and concise manner. If you’re looking for a way to make a passive income throughout your life by just using your mobile phone, then this program can turn out to be an ultimate guide for you.

Why Only Mobile Money Code?

Mobile Money Code is a new marketing system aimed at teaching mobile marketing, the game of affiliate marketing, and techniques to promote other people’s products to earn money. However, you can also use this system to promote your own products and still make a considerable amount of money through your smartphone efforts.

This system targets a new wave of ever-increasing e-commerce industry, where millions of smartphone users are now able to make money from using this proven system by Greg Anderson.

In short, Mobile Money Code is a complete mobile phone money making system that can help any online marketer dramatically increase the conversion rate and make immense profit with right strategies. This system helps you find potential money making opportunities so you can focus on your work more than researching for your work.

How to create your mobile sites

Top-5-Money-Making-AppsThe Mobile Money Code system is great for both beginners, as well as seasoned marketers. Whether you have any prior experience or not, this system will help you make a good passive income from your smart mobile phone.

Steps For Creating A Site In Less Than 5 Minutes With Mobile Money Code

If you’re already interested in this system, you can follow the given steps to make your own money making website with the help of Mobile Money Code.

Step 1: Log on to the Mobile Money Code and click n MMC software. By doing so, you’ll land on “My Account” page. Enter all the basic information and save it. Get started with creating your own mini site and preview or edit all the sites you have created previously.

Step 2: This is the most interesting part. Here you’ll actually create your site with real live preview. All you need to do is choose an interesting name for your site, input some details about your site and watch it appear right in front of you. You can also begin with creating a demo site to see if it actually works for you. It should not take more than 5 minutes for creating one site.

Once you are done with your site designing, connect it with social networks. This is a very crucial step as smartphones and social media networks work together to build a kingdom for you.

Step 3: Publish, sell and profit in this step. This is very simple if you understand the basic functioning.

Mobile Money Code is particularly designed to change the way users think about making profits online. It collaborated all the popular methods of online money making gigs and converted them into 3 step profit making mobile web. It’s all about having a mobile friendly site and giving your customer ease of access to have better conversion rates. Making money from phone is one of the convenient ways to earn passive income if you’re aware of the right techniques to do so!

Mobile Apps

apps-make-money-264x300Get free traffic from the Internet

When you are planning to promote your business on the Internet, you have to use some of these mobile apps. The Mobile Money apps allow you to get free traffic from the Internet. You should know that online marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be used by all small business owners who have limited budget. You should be able to maximize your minimum budget for getting free traffic from the Internet, especially if you know how to do so. You can use these mobile apps for attracting customers to your sites easily. Free traffic or visitors are very important for any business owners who want to reach some potential customers on the Internet.

Affordable products

This is another reason why you have to consider using these apps. They are offered at very reasonable price for all Internet marketers. You shouldn’t worry about the price of these apps. There are some bundled packages that are offered for all customers. Mobile Money Code also offers some discounts or deals for some new customers. If you want to get these discounts, you should buy these mobile apps today. You should be able to promote your business without spending too much money for your advertising program. It means that you can reduce your marketing budget after you use these tools.

Free updates

Mobile money apps are recommended for people who are serious about their Internet marketing campaign. These apps are going to be updated frequently. You can get free lifetime updates for these mobile apps. Therefore, you can apply these tools for promoting your business in any situation. When these tools are updated, you are going to receive notifications in your email account. This is another benefit that you can get from these applications. You will never have to spend your money for getting the latest updates from your favorite mobile apps.

They are some benefits that are offered by the Mobile Money apps. If you are serious on promoting your business on the Internet, you need to use these apps. There are a lot of marketing experts who also use these apps for reaching some potential customers from the Internet. You can see a lot of good reviews about these apps. Many people are happy because they can make money online easily by using these mobile apps. There are some bonuses that you can get when you purchase these apps today. You should be able to maximize all benefits from these bonuses for growing your business significantly.

Why Should You Use Mobile Money Apps?

download (5)Mobile Money Code is a powerful product that can help you earn money from the Internet. There are a lot of customers who are satisfied with the features from this program. It also offers mobile money apps for all users. You can get a lot of benefits from these apps. These tools are very useful to help you improve your business performance easily. You should be able to promote your business on the Internet these days. These apps can help all clients reach some potential customers on the Internet easily. Here are some reasons why you have to consider using these tools.

1. Easy to use

Many people want to use these apps because they are very easy to use. You should be able to operate these apps quickly. All apps are specially created with simple interface and system. As the result, they can be used by all users ranging from beginners to advanced users easily. You don’t have to spend your time to learn how to use these apps. These apps also come with easy-to-follow instruction manual. This manual can guide all users on how to operate these apps properly.

2. Mobile user development

This is another benefit that you can get from these Mobile Money apps. If you want to get success on the Internet, you should know the latest trends these days. You should understand that the growth of mobile users is increasing annually. It means that you are going to see a lot of mobile users in the future. It is a perfect time for you to develop and utilize the best mobile applications for reaching these mobile users. Many marketing experts believe that mobile apps are very useful to promote any businesses easily. There are a lot of mobile users who can become potential customers for your business.

3. Can be integrated with social media sites

Social media becomes very popular among many people today. There are a lot of benefits that you can get when you use your social media accounts for your business. Many people are spending their time on the Internet by looking at some sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and some other sites. These mobile apps can be integrated with some sites. This is another benefit that is offered by these applications. Therefore, you can use these apps for reaching your customers or clients on some social media sites.

4. Quick way to earn money online

Internet offers a lot of money making opportunities for all users. If you want to make money online, you should start using these Mobile Money apps. These apps can open some online opportunities for the users. They can connect you with some available business opportunities from advertising, affiliate, and some other programs. Using these apps is believed to be the quickest way to earn money from the Internet. Because of this easy procedure, many people are interested in using these mobile applications. You don’t have to spend your time or money for finding the best money making opportunities on the Internet.

5. Some training courses

After you buy these mobile apps from Mobile Money Code, you can use these apps immediately. You can find some training courses that are available in the member area. These training courses are specially created for all members who want to learn how to maximize these mobile apps. There are some professional instructors who deliver all high quality materials in these courses. You can discuss anything during these training courses. When attending these training sessions, you can also meet other users who have similar interest as yours.

What Are Some Opportunities Offered by Mobile Money Code?

no-mobile-site-yet1. Sell affiliate products

Mobile Money Code allows you to create a good website for selling affiliate products or services. There are some affiliate programs that you can join today, for example ClickBank, Amazon Associate, Commission Junction, and some other programs. After you join your favorite program, you should be able to sell some products to your customers. Once you are able to sell your products, you can earn money from the commission. It is a great opportunity that you can get from this program.

2. Sell your own products or services

This program also helps you sell your own products or services. If you are a business owner, you have to know how to promote your business on the Internet. You can learn how to create proper mobile sites for your own business. Promoting products or services via Internet is believed to be the most effective way to increase business performance. Many marketing experts recommend their clients to use mobile-friendly sites for reaching some potential customers from the Internet. There are a lot of mobile users who are still looking for the best solution for their needs.

3. Help other local business owners

After you watch some training videos from this program, you should be able to help other local business owners. Some of them may have some difficulties in promoting their business. Mobile marketing can be a great way to promote any local businesses. You can combine several techniques for promoting their businesses, for example SEO campaign, social media marketing, video marketing, and some other methods. You can learn all of these methods from the Mobile Money Code. This program allows you to learn all important things about online marketing. There are a lot of opportunities that you can get by approaching these local business owners.

Working Online with Mobile Money Code

images (11)There are a lot of business opportunities that are available on the Internet. Mobile Money Code can be a good solution for people who want to make money online. This is a great product from Greg Anderson. It is specially designed for people who want to learn about working online easily. This product can guide you build your online business properly. You don’t have to spend your time for doing trial and error activities to achieve your success on the Internet. Many people love this product because it has a lot of features for all users.

Why Should You Choose Mobile Money Code?

This product is suitable for people who want to find some online opportunities. You should understand that the development of mobile users is growing from time to time. Therefore, you need to know how to target these users for getting your success on the Internet these days. This program allows you to learn how to create mobile sites that are very useful for your readers. Mobile websites are very effective to help you sell your products or services easily. If you want to achieve your success on the Internet, you have to target these mobile users as your potential customers.

You are going to get the main Mobile Marketing software that you can use to create mobile-friendly websites easily. This software allows you to boost your business via Internet easily. You can reach your customers easily by using this powerful software. This program allows you to get access to the Mobile Marketing Training. This training is useful to guide you on how to use this powerful software for your needs. You can also learn how to get traffic for your sites from the Mobile Magnet Training. There are some business tools that are offered for all members.

Some Extras and Bonuses

1. Live Training

This is the first bonus that you can get when you join this program today. This training can help you maximize all benefits from the Mobile Money Code. This live training usually takes about 6 weeks. In this training, you should be able to listen to other professionals or online marketers. All members are allowed to get access to all training sessions. You can ask any questions to these professional experts. When you attend these training sessions, you should enjoy your group learning experience. You can also meet other members who are also interested in working online with Mobile Money Code.

2. Bonus software

Mobile Site Generator is a powerful bonus software that is offered for all members. This software allows you to create a mobile website automatically. You can convert your existing website to become mobile-friendly site easily. When you purchase this product today, you can also get the QR Code Generator. This tool is very useful to create QR code for your website. Your readers can use this code to get access to your mobile site via their mobile devices. It can be beneficial for you as the website owner. You should be able to attract a lot of mobile users easily.

3. Social Money Code

This is another bonus that is offered by this program. You can make money online easily by having your own social media. This training course can help you create social media for yourself. There are a lot of great tips that you can find in this course. Social media brings a lot of opportunities for the owners. This site becomes very popular among many Internet users today. Many people spend their time on their favorite social media sites. If you want to achieve your success on the Internet, you have to learn how to create the best social media from this powerful training course.

4. Traffic Money Code Suite

If you are working with search engine optimization or SEO, you may want to take a look at this bonus. This is an important research tool that you can use to achieve high ranking on the search engine. This tool allows you to see some backlinks on your competitors’ sites. You can use these links to rank your own site easily. It is important to know that backlink still works in most search engines. Therefore, you should find the best sites for placing your links pointing to your own website.

How to Build and Make Money from Mobile Websites

Sell-Your-iPhone-for-CashThe advent of mobile telephony has seen a significant change in online marketing as more and more people embrace mobile internet. The drop in cost of smartphones together with affordable data rates has further helped consolidate the mobile browsing trend.

This new browsing drift has seen a rise in the number of mobile websites and there is a good reason to this given the number of endless opportunities that come with mobile internet. From public libraries providing information through mobile devices to hotels and restaurants allowing visitors to make reservations on their mobile websites, this new way of browsing is simply phenomenon.

While the need to own a mobile website cannot be overstated, setting up one could present a challenge due to technical limitations. Below is a comprehensive look at various solutions to building a mobile website and some of the advantages and drawbacks that come with each.

Advanced Web Programming

This involves the same procedure to creating a desktop website. You need to have programming skills to get the basics which include the website design and the layout in HTML correct. Websites can be created more accurately with CSS. After creation, the website has to be hosted by a server where you will manage it’s access depending on the device you access it from.

The major drawback with this solution is that you have to hire the services of a graphic designer and an IT specialist if you have no programming knowledge which might be costly. In addition you will have to rely on the services of these professionals should the need to make changes to your website arise.

On the other hand, hiring IT professionals will ensure proper maintenance of the website and product quality as well. It’s advisable that you seek the services of a SEO specialist if you choose this solution so that prior positioning strategies for your website’s content can adopted.

Mobile Templates

This solution is similar to advanced web programming with the main difference being the initial stage of conception. While the design of your website layout is chosen by a professional in the first case, the mobile templates solutions allows you to download a predefined template which you can customize as per your needs. This is quite a popular solution for making mobile websites for those who may not a have programming or IT knowledge.

The obvious advantage that comes with mobile templates is that no sophisticated programming skills are needed. Any user with fundamental knowledge of the internet can do it. It is also relatively cheap and the website can be tailor made to suit personal needs.

The major shortcoming with this solution is that at times themes of the templates are limited and it may be hard getting the right one for your business model. Also, the fact that there are many people accessing the internet increases the chances of having mobile websites with the same designs.

Remember that you will need someone with programming skills to manage the hosting.